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The healthcare sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Summit County, Ohio.  There has been a drastic increase in the emergence of healthcare facilities across the county, employing almost 47,000 people, which is higher than any other industry sector partnerships. Whether it is a hospital, a physician’s office, or a long-term care facility, attracting enough qualified individuals to care for patients continues to be one of their greatest challenges.

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    In any given year, there are 12,000-14,000 healthcare job openings in Summit County, Ohio. By far, the largest number of job postings are for nursing roles; however, the healthcare sector employs thousands of non-clinical roles that support their daily operations.

    Focused on developing solutions to address recruitment and retention challenges faced by healthcare employers, the Healthcare Sector Partnership is focused on reaching out to local neighborhoods, so residents are aware of career opportunities that provide a better quality of life.  Employers are committing to improving the quality of their positions, creating career pathways that provide economic mobility, and fostering a culture of trust and respect at their facilities.

Key Strategies

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Generate awareness about healthcare occupations

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Develop and connect qualified candidates to employers

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Retain and promote good talent

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If you have healthcare hiring needs or your organization works with clients who may be a great fit for a career in healthcare, join us as we work together to develop solutions to help the healthcare sector gain access to a skilled workforce.

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August 1, 2024

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Ameeca Holmes, Engagement Manager, Healthcare Sector Partnership

Ameeca Holmes

Senior Manager, Healthcare Sector Partnership

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