Internship Resources

Resources to develop a Successful program

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Internship opportunities can be paid or unpaid. Payment is not a requirement, although it tends to attract more competitive and diverse candidates. There are programs that offer stipends or reimbursements for businesses to hire interns, including:

Should you decide to not pay your interns, you’ll want to review the following resources to ensure your intern qualifies for unpaid status:

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Create an Internship Description

A well-crafted internship description allows you to attract the highest volume of qualified applicants. Ensuring your internship listing is as informative as possible will help candidates determine if they are a good fit for the position and understand what the experience entails.

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Examples of Meaningful Intern Projects by Industry

Resources to implementing a Successful program


Recruiting Candidates

Recruiting timelines vary greatly depending on the industry, size of the school, and caliber of student.

Contacting colleges, universities, career centers, and high schools in the region.

Interview and Hire the Right Candidate

For Human Resources, the offer and hiring process does vary from a full-time employee.

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Integrate Inclusiveness into the Onboarding Process

Highlight that creating an inclusive workplace is a priority, substantiating this commitment with tangible examples like Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

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Evaluate and Monitor Progress

To ensure your internship program is providing the value you want it to, use evaluation forms for both interns and employers to evaluate one another.


Conducting an Exit Interview

An exit interview determines if interns are leaving the organization having had a good experience and provides valuable feedback to upper management for future program planning.