Industry Sector Partnerships

Industry Sector Partnerships

Industry Sector Partnerships are teams led by companies from within a specific industry sector, designed to generate solutions to fill open positions and build a talent pipeline/supply chain.  Our main focus is on building the capacity and improving the performance of the talent system as a whole.

What do industry sector partnerships focus on?

  • Defining Demand: Review local/regional labor market data, design and implement surveys, identify workforce trends, and engage businesses to review and confirm
  • Developing Strategies to Meet Demand: Identify innovative solutions to address workforce issues including the development of career pathways and schematics that include skills and local wage data
  • Implementing Strategies: Support action to address barriers, solve problems, build capacity and improve performance of the talent system
  • Embedding Equity & Inclusion: Ensure our community’s minority populations are supported and positioned to share in the benefits of regional growth and prosperity
  • Tracking System Outcomes: Develop and monitor key industry performance indicators to ensure sustained success

Our strategic approach is supported by the Two Tomorrows report, recently released by the Fund for our Economic Future. It calls for our region to come together around shared priorities that connect Growth & Opportunity through Job Creation, Job Preparation and Job Access, with deliberate attention to systematic race-based inequities and the barrier to opportunity they create and exacerbate. Read the Report Here


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