Where are the Workers?

ConxusNEO Board of Directors conceived of work to look at shifts of employer and jobseeker experiences and attitudes since the onset of the pandemic.  The initial footprint for this work in Greater Akron was Summit, Medina and Portage counties and the idea for that work quickly evolved into a broader regional eleven county effort in northeast Ohio called Where Are the Worker?  The Greater Akron research project is funded in part by the generous support of the Summit and Medina Workforce Area and the broader regional effort is being led by the Fund for Our Economic Future

Findings from this research are found here.

What have we learned so far…

from over 250 employers and 2,400 working age adults in Greater Akron?

People are quitting without jobs lined up.  56% of those who quit their jobs in the past 12 months did not have another job lined up before they quit.

People are leaving their jobs for a few key reasons: 

workplace culture, schedule conflicts, low pay

Opportunity for employers

Michelle Cassetty Collins

Executive Director

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