Husted Announces Industry Sector Partnership Awards

Lt. Governor Jon Husted, in his capacity as Director of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, today announced that 12 workforce partnerships will receive awards through the Industry Sector Partnership Grant. This program supports partnerships that help ensure Ohioans can participate in the workforce pipeline while meeting the needs of job creators and the local economy.

Today, 12 partnerships have been awarded for a total of $2.5 million. The selected partnerships are located in various regions across Ohio and focus on multiple in-demand industry sectors, including healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, construction and transportation.

“These awards will jumpstart and expand workforce partnerships across Ohio that are helping more individuals earn the skills needed to successfully find employment,” Lt. Governor Husted said. “This is real-world skill development where educators and businesses work together to help people gain the skills they need to get hired for jobs that pay well and have a future. Enhancing meaningful partnerships between the business and education community is key to growing Ohio’s workforce and filling in-demand jobs at a time when many people are looking for opportunities, but not sure where to start.”

Awarded partnerships include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership
  • Appalachian Ohio Manufacturers’ Coalition
  • CEA Cleveland Builds
  • Central Ohio Manufacturing Partnership (COMP)
  • ConxusNEO Industry Sector Partnerships
  • Information Technology Accelerator (ITAP Ohio) Partnership
  • Lorain County Manufacturing Sector Partnership
  • Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition
  • Ohio IT Apprenticeship Collaborative
  • Raise the Bar Hancock County
  • Workforce Connect Manufacturing Sector Partnership
  • Workforce Partnership of Shelby County

Industry Sector Partnerships are designed to develop workforce strategies specific to the various regions around the state, with the goal of driving collaboration between local businesses, workforce professionals, education and training providers, and community stakeholders. Grant funding will help support the operations of both new and existing Industry Sector Partnerships.

“A skilled workforce will continue to be a cornerstone of our economic strategy moving forward, and Industry Sector Partnerships develop targeted strategies to address regional workforce needs,” said Lydia Mihalik, Director of the Ohio Development Services Agency. “We are providing Ohioans with training to grow or start their career.”

Development Services Agency held an application period for the grant from January 23, 2020 to March 13, 2020 and placed applications on hold in response to the widespread impacts of COVID-19. Submitted applications were reopened in October 2020.

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