ConxusNEOset out to alter our community’s expectations for what we need in terms of a talent development system. It’s no surprise we’ve made some headlines. Read the articles below to learn more.

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New initiative hopes to create stronger workforce in Summit County for job-seekers, employers March 17, 2016

More than 50,000 new manufacturing jobs will open up over the next 10 years in Northeast Ohio, but many local job-seekers have historically been unaware of the bounty of opportunities available in technical and skilled trades. ConxusNEO, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting talent development in Summit County, will help pull together public, private, philanthropic and

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Stark State comes to town March 15, 2016

Look at successful cities, and you increasingly find a community college as part of the achievement. That explains the applause for Stark State College coming to Akron. Once the doors open, students here will have a more convenient option for enhancing their skills and finding a higher-paying career. Stark State reports that already one-quarter of

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ConxusNEO workforce development initiative launches in Summit County

Summit County businesses starved for talent got a new ally as county, Akron and business leaders announced the unveiling of a new workforce development effort dubbed ConxusNEO. The project — which replaces the Summit Workforce Solutions initiative and has been in the works for a year now — will combine heavy data analysis with on-the-ground work

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County, private businesses launch ConxusNEO to better connect job seekers and employers March 14, 2016

If you are looking for a job but don’t think you have what it takes to work in today’s sophisticated manufacturing or information technology environment, a whole lot of people want you to reconsider. That’s in large part because a whole lot of Summit County businesses say they now are looking to hire people who

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Will Akron get back its edge? February 24, 2016

Akron has liked the story it has told itself — about an aging industrial city that has been more successful than others in navigating a rugged economic transition. In 2008, the Brookings Institution described the city as a model. What has happened since then? The story has been told, with the emphasis, in particular, on

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2016 State of the Akron Public Schools speech February 23, 2016

Delivered by the APS Superintendent Good afternoon and thank you for attending our 2016 State of the Akron Public Schools address. My gratitude to the Akron Press Club, for again sponsoring this annual event. And, to the University of Akron and the staff here at Quaker Station, you are—as always—wonderful hosts. I would like to

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624 Report: Profile on Urban Health and Competitiveness in Akron, Ohio February 17, 2016

Like many cities in the Midwest, Akron, Ohio has weathered a long-term decline in its traditional economic base and has had to reimagine its role in the twenty-first century economy. The city was long believed to have navigated this transition more successfully than many of its peers, but recent data analysis shows many troubling economic

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New leader is refueling county workforce engine October 26, 2015

Being an invited guest at the White House is pretty exciting. Being invited to the White House on President Barack Obama’s birthday is even more exciting. Better yet? It’s your birthday, too. Sue Lacy found herself in that enviable position on Aug. 4, when – as the new president of Summit Workforce Solutions – she represented Akron

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