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Systemic racism is a social construct we can dismantle. The senseless murder of George Floyd and those who came before him has gotten our attention, thanks to the voices and peaceful actions of those who are making this moment uncomfortable for all of us. We must ask ourselves and our organizations, what does this moment require of us?

ConxusNEO’s vision is to achieve a robust talent ecosystem that supports companies and every resident to thrive and share in prosperity. Our work depends on mobilizing our community and business partners to overcome barriers to good jobs that support families and build wealth.

We know our community’s Black residents have been excluded from full participation in the local economy. For every $100 a white resident earns in Greater Akron, Black residents earn $52.26. (Elevate Greater Akron) And while Black workers make up 11.9% of the total U.S. workforce, they make up 17% of all front-line-essential industry workers where they make less money and face a greater likelihood of contracting COVID. (Economic Policy Institute, June 2020)

Something else is essential: Lifting people out of poverty by increasing access to education and workforce training to acquire skills that position them for good-paying jobs. Access to benefits such as healthcare, childcare, and transportation is essential. And equal pay across race and gender is essential.

ConxusNEO pledges to do our part to end systemic racism by acknowledging the inherent worth and dignity of every human being, particularly Black lives who are its painful recipients. We embrace our partnership with Elevate Greater Akron and our community’s Black leadership to expand access to information, resources and relationships into neighborhoods that need it most. And we take inspiration and direction from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who said, “As long as there is poverty in this world, no man can be totally rich even if he has a billion dollars.”  –The American Dream speech, 1961.

The Board of Directors and Staff of ConxusNEO

June 18, 2020


A robust talent ecosystem that supports companies and every resident to thrive and share in prosperity.

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The main area that distinguishes ConxusNEO’s approach is the starting point. Traditional workforce programs often start with the needs of a specific population, and focus on helping that group overcome the obstacles they face in finding gainful employment. The talent development system ConxusNEO is cultivating starts with the needs of companies.

We utilize the supply chain management model as our guide. Establishing a recognized end-customer (company employing residents) provides direction and purpose and is a precondition for generating shared value across all partners in the supply chain (the talent development ecosystem). Supply chain management coordinates those activities needed to best serve the requirements of the end-customer and, in doing so, achieves the best mix of responsiveness and efficiency for the market being served. At the same time, partners within the supply chain are supported to build their capacity to deliver value.

Moving forward, the supply chain management model will be used to identify leverage points where a small amount of concentrated effort can make a significant difference in the performance of the overall system.

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Value Proposition

ConxusNEO provides leadership, expertise, and facilitation leading to a framework and relationships that help our community understand, improve and navigate the talent ecosystem. Companies have access to the right talent, at the right time, and in the right place. Educators can better align curriculum with relevant skills, workforce programs can better understand and connect residents with opportunities, and our community is mobilized to overcome real-life barriers to good jobs that lead to great careers.