The demand for Information Technology (IT) skills is growing in our region with almost 21,000 open tech positions each year. To address this demand, a network of companies, education/training providers, public workforce, community-based organizations, and economic development leaders formed our TechHire network. The network of partners initially came together in Fall 2015 after Akron/Summit County received its designation as a “TechHire” community by the White House, an initiative encouraging the development of accelerated training programs to prepare residents for good jobs that require IT skills.

After a recent in-depth review of labor market information, the TechHire Network has evolved to set a broader list of priorities they will take collective action to address:

  • attracting more students into IT occupations experiencing a gap between supply and demand
  • upskilling incumbent workers for mid-level jobs
  • developing innovative funding models so residents can access training
  • shifting hiring practices to be more inclusive of non-traditional training

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TechHire Can Make this Difference

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Accelerated Training Programs

TechHire works with area companies to clarify skills progression pathways that are most in demand. Then, our network of training and education partners offer accelerated programs to prepare career seekers with marketable credentials. Training opportunities range from 3 to 12 months and include:

Company Partners

TechHire company partners are engaged in many aspects of the network. Their active involvement provides:

  • Content experts to identify high-demand skills and skills progression pathways
  • Interviewing pre-screened candidates for training programs
  • Referrals for applicants to partner companies
  • Mentoring and coaching for trainees
  • Paid internships and on-the-job training that lead to full-time jobs
  • Professional development for high school and higher education faculty

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What would it mean to you and your family if you could have a rewarding career in IT? When will you decide to pursue a career in IT? If you’re a career seeker interested in TechHire, visit and contact our educational partners.

If you are intereseted in joining a network of partners committed to addressing the demand for IT talent, become a TechHire partner.