Manufacturing Network

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Why Manufacturing?

  • Manufacturing accounts for more than 700,000 jobs in Ohio
  • The average employee salary for skilled workers in Ohio amounts to $52,000
  • Ohio ranks 3rd in the nation for manufacturing employment
  • Ohio manufacturing accounts for 17.77% of the total state output while employing 12.5% of the workforce
  • For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $1.81 is added to the economy. It’s the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector
  • For every job added in manufacturing, another 4 jobs are added elsewhere.
  • Over the next decade, nearly 3 1/2 million manufacturing jobs will be needed in the U.S. and 2 million of those are expected to go unfilled.

Our Purpose

Manufacturing has been the heart and soul of our community for many years, positioning Akron, Summit County, and Northeast Ohio as a competitive regional economy and global player. We work to align the talent pipeline by bringing together the skilled residents in our community with the outstanding career opportunities our manufacturers provide, utilizing the educational resources in our area and support from community organizations and public workforce to break down barriers. It begins with the companies sharing their needs and requirements for the jobs they have. The educational partners work with the companies to be sure the needs of manufacturers are being addressed in the classroom, ensuring the necessary skills are part of the curriculum. Public workforce and community organizations are made aware of the career opportunities in manufacturing and work to help break down barriers that prevent residents from pursuing high demand jobs with sustainable wages.

Key Strategies

  1. An industry led, demand driven, data informed and outcome based system with cross sector collaboration to develop and leverage a network of community organizations, public workforce entities, and MAGNET to be utilized as support partners.
  2. Create community awareness of opportunities in manufacturing careers to build the pool of potential candidates for open positions.
  3. Develop avenues for companies to find qualified job seekers to fill their immediate hiring needs.
  4. Create pipeline of students going into manufacturing careers with alignment between education and necessary skills in the workplace.
  5. Establish metrics to gauge progress and success.

ALIGN 2017

Nearly 200 individuals convened on Thursday, March 23 to strategize on how best to strengthen the talent system for advanced manufacturing in Northeast Ohio.

ALIGN had three key goals:

  • Enlist companies, educators, economic development entities and the workforce system to ALIGN their efforts. Participants from all sectors shared best practices and brainstormed on action steps during a World Cafe session.
  • Enroll participants in an educational look at the state of manufacturing in Northeast Ohio using reliable labor market data. Ethan Karp of MAGNET and Ned Hill of The Ohio State University shared insights on the economic impact of manufacturing and the workforce pipeline needed to sustain and grow the sector.
  • Inspire participants to take actionable steps to continue the conversation in their communities. Stark State College President, Dr. Para Jones; Superintendent of Akron Public Schools, David James; Haas Tower Factory Outlet Director of Education, Toni Neary; SSP HR Manager, Jenny Stupica; and Owner Sattler Companies, Dave Sattler offered opportunities to design new education opportunities, leverage funding, participate in skills based hiring and get involved in the manufacturing network.

“This was by far the best professional development that I received all year as an educational leader.”

“Bringing together education, government, and manufacturing sectors to discuss the pending deficits in skilled labor force. Step One!”

Conxus B1

Graphic recording of ALIGN 2017

By bringing together manufacturers, educators and economic development profesionals, ALIGN was able to accomplish these goals and begin an important conversation on how to impact economic development in Northeast Ohio, by strengthening companies, the talent system, and providing increased educational opportunities.

ALIGN was a success because Northeast Ohio will not settle for simply meeting the standard; ConxusNEO will continue to help raise the bar and continue building partnerships to create a world-class manufacturing talent system.