Education and training

Train or Retrain Adults

Career technical centers, colleges and universities continue to prioritize the health and safety of their students, faculty and staff by closing campuses and transitioning to remote learning.  They will continue to monitor the current health crisis and re-evaluate when they will re-open.  Our region’s educational institutions remain committed to delivering quality education and quality services that can now be accessed virtually.  Faculty are providing online teaching, and along with staff, offering virtual office hours, assisting students who need help accessing or using technology, and in many cases providing virtual counseling resources for students who may be experiencing anxiety during this unprecedented time.

Career technical centers, colleges and universities provide training to adult learners so they can be competitive to enter the workforce and advance their careers.

Career Technical Centers

Our region’s career technical centers offer education for adults to earn industry recognized credentials and certificates, and advance their knowledge in their chosen profession.  Companies who have job openings should contact the Career Services offices at these institutions and they may share your job openings with their students and graduates.

Colleges and Universities

Our region’s accredited colleges and universities offer short-term certificates and degrees, and can provide companies with skilled talent.  Companies who have job openings should contact the Career Services offices at these institutions and they may share your job openings with their students and graduates.  Companies who wish to support their employees in gaining new skills should contact the Workforce Development offices at these institutions (if applicable, noted with an *) and they may be able to develop customized training to meet your business needs.

For those who are unemployed or underemployed and interested in gaining new skills to be more competitive for good paying, in-demand jobs, learn more about academic programs (short-term certificates and degrees) offered at our region’s accredited colleges and universities.

Working in the healthcare industry is rewarding and fulfilling, making a difference in the lives of others.  If you find that you need additional training to enter the healthcare workforce, click on the link below and select the occupation you want to train for.  The results of your search will indicate the local education providers that are preparing students for great careers in healthcare.

For students who may be in need of employment, learn about local job opportunities here.

A special thank you to the leaders at Stark State College and The University of Akron who have demonstrated an enormous level of dedication to ensure student academic success amidst unprecedented times.  Thank you for advocating to state legislators and state associations on behalf of your students and our community. 

Online Learning

Online learning can provide a valuable platform for people to strengthen their existing skills or gain new skills.  Online offerings cover an array of topics utilized in various industries which can help learners gage their interests and abilities to be successful.  Online learning has the added benefit of a flexible schedule which can be accessed at any time, any place.